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The DTG is the centre for collaboration at the heart of the digital TV industry. More than 125 companies are members of the DTG, and collectively we drive innovation and growth in the television and technology sectors.

We're the only impartial space of its kind in the UK, and the joint expertise from DTG Members continues to define the technologies that make the UK a world-leading TV industry and ensure market interoperability.

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The DTG’s response to the Government’s Industry Strategy

23 January 2017

The DTG was delighted to note the Prime Minister’s comment that the Government’s Industrial Strategy offers ‘…the change to build that stronger, fairer Britain that stands tall in the world and is set up to succeed in the long-term.’

This resonates with our belief that Innovation moves cyclically between global regions. Many of our US and European digital, creative and television partners are currently looking to the UK to innovate and lead. This offers a great opportunity for the UK to drive best practice in both technology and commercial business models. Together we can develop the necessary talent to overcome skills shortages, while delivering an unrivalled viewer experience.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG said: “We welcome the Government’s Industrial Strategy initiative and look forward to working with Sir Peter Bazalgette who is focused on ‘the Creative Industries’. Peter’s unrivalled heritage in television gives him a unique understanding of the issues our industry faces.”

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A decade ago: US switchover champion urges campaign

US congressman Joe Barton, father of legislation setting a digital switchover deadline of February 17, 2009, has introduced a new bill calling for a consumer education campaign which will guide US households through the transition to digital-only broadcasting.

24 January 2007

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Get Ready... for RED

On the 13th June 2017, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) comes into play across the UK and Europe. This new Directive will have implications for manufacturers and retailers/distributors of TV and radio equipment as well as related products such as active antennas and amplifiers.

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DTG Testing, the industry’s not-for-profit test centre, is now a one-stop-shop for Freeview Play Conformance. Any combination of the following elements is now available:

• Freeview HD/D-Book 9 Compliance Testing

• Metadata Delivery & Presentation Testing

View more: The DTG’s response to the Government’s Industry Strategy

25 Jan 2017

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27 Jan 2017

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1 Feb 2017

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1 Feb 2017

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