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'Traditional Linear TV will disappear'—Reed Hasting, CEO, Netflix

Predicting the future of television, CEO of IP OTT subscription service Netflix, Reed Hastings has said that traditional and linear television services will eventually disappear.

Speaking to French magazine Telerama ahead of the service's launch in France, Hastings said: "Linear TV Willc ontinue ta little thanks to sporting events but within twenty years it will have collapsed when all this will be fully available on the web."

Phillips Android TVs the first to offer Spotify Connect

Phillips brand TVs which are powered by Android will be the first to support Spotify Connect, letting Spotify Premium subscribers stream music from a mobile device to the television.

From September, Phillips smart TVs will integrate the music service further into home networks and will be first in a "long line" according to Spotify.

Pay TV services add a 6% rise to subscriptions in 12 months

According to the latest Multiscreen Index by informitv, leading Pay-TV services have added over 20 million subscribers worldwide in the past 12 months.

The number of digital video subscribers to the 100 top pay TV services in the Index rose by 5.24 million in the second quarter of 2014, up 1.6%—slightly higher than in the first quarter which added 4.71 million subscribers, a 1.4% increase.