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Ericsson's latest Mobility Report shows that mobile video traffic is growing 55% annually and will represent the majority of all mobile data traffic by 2019.

Also, with the 5G research currently in progress in the UK, there is an opportunity for closer collaboration between broadcast and mobile networks in the future.

DTG Members are looking at the challenges of delivering video to mobile devices, from production and reversioning content for multiple devices to compression technologies and improving delivery.

The Mobile Video Alliance will bring the mobile and broadcasting industries together to debate how broadcasters and MNOs can develop efficient techniques for multicast over LTE.

The Mobile Video Alliance

The MVA will identify, develop and advocate technologies that harmonise the delivery of audio visual content to mobile devices, with the aim of providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for consumers. Founded by mobile operator EE and global interconnection and data centre company Equinix, the MVA has now moved under the auspices of DTG, the UK industry association for digital television.

The MVA will tackle:

  • video quality over wireless and mobile networks;
  • fragmentation in the value chain, and;
  • a range of technical issues such as the evolution of caching and adaptive bit rates.

To participate in the Mobile Video Alliance, your organisation must be a member of the DTG.

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Current workstreams

DTG Technical Seminar: The Video to Mobile Challenge explored the numerous technical challenges including reversioning for multiple devices, compression capabilities and infrastructure concerns, as well as the priorities for innovation in order to meet consumer demand.

Presentation slides are available to DTG members.

  • Digital transformation with mobile services innovation
    Mike Short, O2
  • Processing video for mobile
    Andy Bell, 4OD
  • Compression technologies
    Philip White, Ericsson
  • eMBMS and the hybrid network
    Andrew Murphy, BBC R&D
  • <video/> is the answer
    James Rosewell,

The Technical Seminars of this kind are open to DTG Members, contact for details.

5G Innovation Centre is leading the world in the development of the next generation mobile system, one that's capable of higher data rates, better suited to handling different cell sizes and more efficient delivery of AV content.

Success will depend on building a closer relationship between mobile data and broadcast video, which the DTG is actively working towards with the 5GIC.

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