Radio Equipment Directive

13th June 2017

From the 13th June, The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) came into play across the UK and Europe. This new directive will have implications for manufacturers and retailers/distributors of TV and radio equipment as well as related products such as active antennas and amplifiers.

Radio equipment directive

What is RED & What is it Replacing?

RED replaces the Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE-D). RED compliance is necessary for products to bear CE marking, which is required to allow them to be sold in the markets of EU member states. RED brings in some new requirements and in particular applies to any equipment that receives radio waves e.g. broadcast radio and DTT receivers, which was not previously a requirement of R&TTE-D.

DTG experts explain the implications of RED to ert.

Requirements for New Products

The main difference between RED and R&TTE-D is that under the Directive all products which receive and emit radio waves must now demonstrate compliance to the RED from 13 June 2017:

  • Broadcast receivers e.g. TV receivers, DAB/DAB+/DRM/FM/AM radios;
  • Amplifiers such as loft and masthead amplifier for distribution of TV signals; and
  • Active antennas such as indoor antenna for TV reception that contain amplifiers.
  • Satellite reception equipment e.g. set top boxes

Compliance with RED

For receiver products to demonstrate compliance with Article 3.2 of the RED, (i.e. that they effectively use and support efficient use of radio spectrum) a number of new standards have been developed in ETSI working groups.

The following list details the ETSI specifications which apply to different products:

  • EN 303 340 – Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Receivers
  • EN 303 345 – Broadcast sound receivers e.g. DAB/DAB+/DRM/AM/FM radios
  • EN 303 354 – Amplifiers and active antennas for TV broadcast reception in domestic premises.
  • EN 303 372 (part 2) satellite broadcast reception equipment – indoor units.

Products placed on the market after the 13 June 2017 must comply with these standards. Equipment which is produced by these standards must declare conformity before being placed on the market.


DTG Testing


DTG Testing is offering, comprehensive testing of products against the above standards to demonstrate compliance with RED and have recently added EN 303 340 (DTT receivers) and EN 303 345 (broadcast radio receivers) to our UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation.

For more details about RED and its implications, or to book a product test, please visit or contact DTG Testing experts on View the EU Radio Equipmnet Directive (RED) page here.