Technology Readiness Levels for the Digital Media Industry


Go to the application formWelcome to the DTG’s Technology Readiness Level database (TRL), the central repository of information on Technologies and Science relating to the Digital Media industry.

A completely impartial and independent database, the DTG’s TRL contains high level information on all major media related technologies and trends providing an industry view of their readiness and impact for the industry. If you’re looking for detail you’ll also find meticulous information and evidence of tests, trials and deployments – all the insight you want to keep on top of the key technologies facing our industry.

The DTG’s TRL reflects the media industry understanding of the capabilities, commercial and strategic relevance of technologies, so that focused industry collaboration can occur within the DTG at the appropriate time.

The DTG’s TRL Background

When considering a five-year strategy for the digital TV industry, DTG’s Council proposed the publication and maintenance of a TRL database for the Digital Media Industry. Defined by NASA, TRL is a method of estimating the technology maturity of critical elements during the acquisition process. TRL are based on a scale from 1 to 9, with 9 being the most mature technology.

An Industry Steering Group was established at the DTG in 2015 to review and agree the TRL of a number of example technologies and the 9 level definitions were agreed. (More information)

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