Ultra HD

The race to realise Ultra HD TV is on, with all eyes on the World Cup and the Olympics. The road to UHD TV in the home is far from clear however, and industry agrees that UHD will need more than simply increased resolution.

It is therefore vital that the full UHD TV ecosystem comes together at the DTG to discuss and agree the UK requirements for UHD profiles and ensure there is a common understanding between content providers, platforms, CE manufacturers, retailers and silicon providers.

This will put the UK TV market in the best position to capitalise on the opportunities that Ultra HD promises.

Current workstreams

DTG UK UHD Forum is chaired by the BBC and BSkyB, and is looking at the complete UHD ecosystem to coordinate the UK requirements for the next generation TV format.

Workstreams underway include:

  • UHD Production Guidelines
  • Displays: frame rate / colour / bit depth / connectivity
  • Communication and market positioning (to include retailers)
  • Content protection
  • IP encapsulation and delivery

The Forum is open to DTG members, contact reception@dtg.org.uk for details.

DTG Display Group will continue to discuss interoperability for AFDs, connectivity including HDMI 2.0, new display technologies, higher frame rates and studio monitoring.

DTG Production Systems Group will continue to develop the UHD Production Guidelines as a collaborative industry knowledge base, and discuss the challenges of UHD in the production environment from lighting to camera formats.

The Groups are open to DTG Members, contact reception@dtg.org.uk for details.