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Ofcom sets up a cross-industry monitoring plan for BAME employees

In details disclosed by Ofcom chairman, Patricia Hodgson, 'Project Silvermouse' will set up a system of league tables which will publish data on how many black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employees are employed by each of the major broadcasters.

Television must mine bigger data

DTG Television Innovation Award winners Streamhub have published a great article on the Guardian about how big data must be harnessed to plan for a better future for the TV industry.

Words by Aki Tsuchiya, Managing Director of Streamhub,

In retail, Amazon and Tesco have blazed trails, mining insight from millions of consumers at scale to better buy stock and recommend appropriate products to consumers. In finance, American Express is crunching account holders' transaction history en masse to identify loyalty and pre-empt churn. And, in sport, player and match data is now so abundant that clubs like Chelsea are examining attributes of players from leagues around the world to spot new talent.

Sky enhance the TV Guide with brand new features

From today, DTG members, Sky will be rolling out a new host of features to their TV guide which will be seen by customers in the services EPG.

At the top of these features is a brand new recommendations engine. This new feature provides suggestions based on what the user has in the recent recordings and downloads section of their sky+ planner. Sky states that "if example a customer has a recording of The Following in their planner, recommendations might include Luther, Hannibal, Criminal Minds and The Blacklist." Recommendations are seen in both linear TV and on-demand shows viewing options from Sky's whole range of film and TV content.