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The DTG is the centre for collaboration at the heart of the digital TV industry. More than 125 companies are members of the DTG, and collectively we drive innovation and growth in the television and technology sectors.

We're the only impartial space of its kind in the UK, and the joint expertise from DTG Members continues to define the technologies that make the UK a world-leading TV industry and ensure market interoperability.

DTG Testing to create product test suite for next generation connected Freeview receivers

The test suite will be used to ensure that trademark licensees meet the technical specifications of the platform and deliver an enhanced viewing experience.

The Product Test Suite will cover the user journey including regionalisation, the correct use of broadcast and IP metadata, and correct handling of broadcast signalling.

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Innovation is easy, but how do you turn a great idea into a disruptive technology that becomes an industry standard? The Digital Catapult and the DTG will answer this question.

The DTG has been taking new technology into the mass market for 20 years, and the Global TV Innovation Detonator seeks to explode the myths and explore the evolution of big new ideas in broadcasting: usability, ultra HD, mobile video and future distribution networks.

DirecTV launches 4K on demand movie service

US pay-TV service DirecTV has become the world's first ultra HD multi-channel TV provider with a 4K on-demand library.

The service includes new movie releases, popular films and nature documentaries in 4K, with titles including Forrest Gump, Star Trek (2009), Amistad and Transformers: Age of Extinction.