Joining the DTG

Group of people on stage at DTG Summit

Becoming a member of the DTG is easy and our membership team will help you every step of the way.

The membership process consists of sending a completed application form, along with payment to

On receiving your application, DTG Council has seven working days to approve your membership, after which our membership team will send you all the information needed to start taking full advantage of being part of the DTG.

Membership categories

Full Membership - £12,500 per annum

Organisations with an active interest in digital television may join as Full Members. Benefits include:

  • Participation in the development of technical specifications (such as the D-Book) and standards work:
  • Online access to specifications and standards work;
  • Participation in the UK UHD Forum and Emerging Technologies Forum;
  • Access to output documents from DTG meetings and working groups;
  • A vote in the Annual General Meeting;
  • Access to DTG meetings and working groups such as the Annual Summit, the RF Group, MHEG Group, SIPSI Group, Connected Television, Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum, Home Networking, Displays, Accessibility and Production Systems Working Groups;
  • Free incidental use of meeting and conference room facilities at our central London offices *;
  • Quarterly "Insight" publication containing the latest developments in the UK and international broadcast and consumer electronics;
  • Weekly Friday Bulletin of industry news and events;
  • Free invitations to attend DTG events and seminars, including the Annual Summit;
  • Discounted entrance to a range of industry events;
  • Regular opportunities for networking with engineers, technical managers and senior executives from over 130 organisations operating in the digital audio-visual technology space.

* Subject to availability

World Membership - £6,000 per annum

Aimed at global organisations with an interest in the UK's world-leading digital terrestrial television market but which are not active in the UK market. World members are entitled to:

  • Online access to the D-Book and other DTG specifications;
  • Access to output documents from DTG meetings and Working Groups;
  • Free invitation to attend DTG events, seminars and the Annual Summit;
  • The ability to attend other DTG meetings by invitation only;
  • Our weekly Friday Bulletin of industry news and events;
  • Freedom to upgrade to Full Membership at any time if required.

New Entrant Membership - £4,000 per annum

The benefits are as with Full Membership but aimed at new organisations in their first or second year of operation. After that period New Entrant Members are automatically upgraded to Full Membership.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is offered to UK and international not-for-profit organisations such as trade associations, registered charities, special interest groups and central government departments that have an interest in the work of the Group. The DTG strives to maintain regular contact with Affiliate Members through events, e-mail bulletins and stakeholder engagement. Representatives of Affiliate Members may attend DTG meetings by invitation.