Ofcom begins children's programming probe

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Media regulator Ofcom has announced a review of children's programming as part of its wider schedule of work on the future of public service broadcasting in the era of digital-only television.

Ofcom said the Communications Act obliged the regulator to report on the extent to which the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, S4C and Teletext had together fulfilled the purposes of public service broadcasting. "This includes an assessment of the availability within those services of a suitable quantity and range of high quality and original programmes for children and young people," said Ofcom.

The regulator will start its review with a research project focusing on:

  • the current state of children's television and other children's media in the UK
  • the role of public service broadcasting in providing content to children
  • the prospects for the future delivery of a wide range of high quality and original content for children and the factors which are likely to influence this
  • relevant international perspectives or examples.

Ofcom said it intended to publish the findings of its research in the summer.

Ofcom's wider investigation on the future of public service broadcasting includes the ongoing financial review of Channel 4; the future of news; and the potential role of the Public Service Publisher (PSP).

Lovelace Consulting  |  13.02.2007

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