CCTV launches HD channel in Hangzhou

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State-owned China Central Television (CCTV) is this week launching a high-definition television (HDTV) entertainment channel in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province.

News agency Xinhua said the launch of the channel—the first of its kind in China—by CCTV subsidiaries CTV Media and China DTV Media would be followed by a nationwide launch in January.

The channel features movies, TV series, documentaries and what Xinhua said were "3-dimensional animated pictures".

"To have an access to the new channel, you must have a high-definition television set and a set-top box which costs 2,500 yuan ($301)," said Shen Xiangjun, general manager with China DTV Media.

Lovelace Consulting  |  06.09.2005

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