Internet 'our most important medium'—BBC DG

Mark Thompson

BBC director-general Mark Thompson has predicted that the internet will be "the most important medium we operate in".

As the BBC's extended trial of its integrated media player (iMP) nears its end, Thompson told The Observer that the corporation will change from "an organisation you associate with TV and radio to an organisation which produces lots of content which we get out to people on lots of different platforms and devices".

He went on: "Ultimately the internet's going to be the most important medium we operate in and it's going to be an important way of delivering TV and radio. It already is ... The BBC's had an extraordinary ability to re-invent itself repeatedly. It's a time when it needs to change again."

Thompson said innovations such as iMP—which will need the approval of the BBC's governors before it is rolled out later this year—were part of its bid for an above-inflation licence fee settlement for the next 10 years.

"The Government wants the BBC to significantly improve its existing services (cutting repeats), to launch various new digital services and effectively pay for most of a major piece of national infrastructure (the multi-billion switch to digital TV). The majority we can do ourselves, but we can't do it all. That's the equation the government's got to think about," said Thompson.

Lovelace Consulting  |  09.01.2006

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