Sky move 'to trigger trade in channel slots'

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BSkyB has written to broadcasters saying it is unable to add channels to its electronic programme guide (EPG) beyond the 100 channels currently waiting for slots.

The letter to broadcasters says the decision to restrict EPG places has been made on the grounds that Sky's current channel line-up—600 in total—is reaching the capacity limit of set-top boxes.

Reports said Sky would allow those broadcasters likely to be denied a slot on Sky's EPG to buy channel positions from those that already have them, a move that is likely to further fuel the trade in valuable EPG slots.

In her letter to broadcasters, Nicola Bamford, director of channels at Sky, said the broadcaster needed to mindful of the risk of "malfunction" if the "amount of data needed to display services in the EPG approaches or exceeds the amount of memory available".

Lovelace Consulting  |  08.10.2007

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