T-VIPS to supply SI Manager for NG Wireless

T-VIPS AS, a Norwegian technology company that designs, builds and supplies world-leading solutions for contribution & distribution of broadcast quality video signals, has announced its appointment as preferred supplier to National Grid Wireless for the provision of a Service Information (SI) Manager for its two digital terrestrial television multiplexes (C and D).

T-VIPS is to supply an enhanced Transport Stream Processor from its cProcessor product family, which provides broadcasting distributors with compact and powerful solutions for processing, multiplexing and monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams. The cProcessor will enable National Grid Wireless to provide regionalised SI information for its two multiplexes and is evidence of T-VIPS' lead in the supply of solutions for digital terrestrial regional head-ends and follows on from the company being chosen as the lead supplier of these solutions for Norway's DTT system, which went live in September 2007.

Jim Colby, Director, Network Operations and Engineering at National Grid Wireless commented: "This announcement demonstrates our long term commitment to the DTT platform and to ensuring that we continue to deliver to the requirements of our multiplex customers."

"I'm delighted to announce that this appointment means we will be playing a major part in the UK digital switchover process," says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. "Because we understood very early that regional adaptation requires a particular feature set, we have been able to launch and deliver 'productised' solutions ahead of other vendors. I look forward to growing this unique specialisation and to our technology supporting UK switchover."

DTG Staff  |  31.03.2008

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