New BT hub provides 'best wireless signal'

BT Total Broadband's new Home Hub has up to twice the wireless range of other UK broadband providers, according to BT.

The device uses next-generation wi-fi technology to enable reception in previously difficult to reach areas.

The Hub also houses the latest 'N'-standard wireless technology, BT claim they are the first UK ISP to offer the 'N'—standard.

Other new features included improved security with the latest WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) technology enabled out-of-the-box and a Power Save mode which enables customers to programme the Hub to turn off the wireless function when it is not in use.

John Petter, managing director, BT Retail Consumer, said: "The new Hub will give you up to twice the wireless range of our competitors—giving our customers much more coverage in the home, even in those 'difficult-to-reach' areas, and more freedom to use their broadband wirelessly from wherever they want—whether in the living room, bedroom or even in a garden. The 'N' standard technology also helps to prevent your wireless connection from annoyingly disappearing by providing a much more efficient wireless signal. Put simply, our new Home Hub reaches the parts other hubs cannot reach."

DTG Staff  |  15.07.2008

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