Sky broadcasts UK's first live 3DTV event

Sky has successfully broadcast the UK's first live event in 3DTV to a domestic 3DTV set, via its satellite network and existing Sky+HD set-top boxes.

The broadcast was part of a 3D music event co-produced by Sky, 3D production company Nineteen Fifteen Productions and Island Records to coincide with the band Keane's live performance that saw a 3D webcast of the concert via Keane's website.

The transmission took place at Abbey Road Studios where Sky broadcasted a simulcast of Keane's live performance and transmitted it over a high definition satellite transponder, then displayed it on a 46 inch high definition 3D TV screen. A separate 3D webcast over the internet using anaglyph (red/green) glasses was made available to Keane fans internationally. Sky also conducted a live test broadcast via a satellite downlink to a Vue cinema kitted out with 3D equipment.

Gerry O'Sullivan, Sky's Director of Strategic Product Development, said: "Being able to broadcast a live event in 3D is a real breakthrough as previous demonstrations have relied on recorded material. This is the first time we've broadcast a live event in 3D over satellite and it shows the significant progress we're making with our research and development activity. The Keane event not only gave us new insight into our ability to deliver a rich and immersive live 3D experience into the home, but also confirmed that arts programming is another genre which has the potential to benefit from 3D.

"We are continuing to talk to a range of different partners and content owners to find out how far we can take this technology and most importantly whether there is future consumer demand for 3D TV services."

DTG Staff  |  03.04.2009

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