Zeebox app for iPad goes live

Zeebox, the social TV service founded by former BBC Head of Digital Media Technology and YouView CTO, Anthony Rose, has launched as a free iPad app and website.

The zeebox app syncs an iPad or laptop with the main TV screen, allowing viewers to see what their friends are watching and share information with them, as well as tweet and chat in real-time.

Zeebox also brings the viewer related information with on-screen pop-up links (zeetags), including links to products for purchase or content for download.

Commenting on the launch of zeebox, Anthony Rose said: "We're entering a new world where we don't just want to watch television—we want to interact with it and be connected to our friends while we watch. Zeebox gives viewers an amazing way to do just that."

Ernesto Schmitt, zeebox CEO added: "For many years people have been talking about the death of television but it just isn't true—we are watching more TV than ever before—we just want it to be enhanced with our friends, information, and interactivity. Zeebox delivers into this trend with a beautiful, intuitive and hugely addictive app."

The zeebox app is available for the iPad and as a website for any browser-enabled computer or tablet. It will be available later this year for iPhone and in 2012 for Android tablets and smartphones.

DTG Staff  |  01.11.2011

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