Digital TV Group Council's Statement on Intellect's Consultation on HbbTV

The Digital TV Group (DTG), the industry association for digital television in the UK and an active HbbTV member, welcomes Intellect's consultation on HbbTV.

The DTG publishes the specification for Freeview, Freeview+ and Freeview HD, commonly known as the D-Book, which among other features includes 'red button' and hybrid TV. In April 2011, the DTG issued D-Book 7, its specification incorporating HbbTV. In development since 2009, D-Book 7 adds essential elements to HbbTV to meet UK service providers' business requirements and to ensure existing and new services can coexist and interoperate. The DTG looks forward to working with others in the digital industry to continue to develop the D-Book.

As with all DTG specifications, the main UK service providers and manufacturers have led and contributed to the development of D-Book 7 via industry-chaired technical working groups. YouView and Freesat use the D-Book specification as the foundation for their respective services and both have played a consistently strong role in shaping UK connected TV standards.

The DTG consistently works to harmonise international standards, while ensuring the UK maintains its reputation as a leader in digital television. In support of DTG members' requirements and the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe (2010 -2020, Digital Single Market: Pillar I), the DTG routinely feeds back D-Book enhancements to the appropriate international standards, including HbbTV.

The DTG is committed to ensuring a highly stable, open and innovative digital television market in the UK and will work with industry partners across the sector to enable the continuing success of that market.

The Digital TV Group (DTG) is the industry association for digital TV in the UK. Founded in 1995 by the UK TV industry, it works with over 140 members including manufacturers, platform operators, service providers and technology providers.

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television (HbbTV) is a core hybrid TV standard which has already been referenced and extended by a number of service providers across Europe.

DTG Staff  |  11.07.2012

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