S Korea awards six mobile TV licences

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South Korea has allocated six mobile television licences for services expected to go live in May.

Broadcasting regulator the Korean Broadcasting Commission said the six licences would be awarded to the country's three main terrestrial broadcasters, KBS, MBC and SBS, with new entrant licences going to:

  • A consortium led by cable broadcaster YTN
  • Radio broadcaster CBS
  • A consortium led by electronic equipment makers PSK Tech, Homecast and Sigong Tech.

The Korea Herald said the terrestrial broadcasters would be required to share their transmission infrastructure with other service providers.

"Following final confirmation by the Ministry of Information and Communication on the licensing, the television stations will be able to start commercial services during the first-half of the year.

"We believe the consortiums by the non-terrestrial broadcasters will be able to start commercial services during the second half, after they incorporate themselves as a television broadcaster," Lee Hyo-sung, vice chairman of the Korean Broadcasting Commission told the Korea Herald.

Lovelacemedia  |  01.04.2005

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