Poland's TVP to form DTT partnership

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According to local reports, Polish public broadcaster TVP is expected to form a DTT partnership with national commercial stations Polsat and TVN, perhaps as soon as later this month, in order to launch DTT services. The reports state that Wieslaw Walendziak, Polsat general director and a former president of TVP, has managed to convince the three parties of the benefits of a jointly-operated platform. While one complete multiplex would be allocated to TVP, a second would be given over to the commercial stations.

TVP's two competitors have, until now, been strongly opposed to DTT, chiefly on the grounds of cost, although Polsat also operates a 250,000-300,000-subscriber digital DTH platform, Polsat Cyfrowa. Walendziak would like to see the three broadcasters competing only in terms of programming rather than on different platforms.

All three, however, will have to formulate a joint digital strategy that will satisfy with such bodies as the Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation (URTiP), Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), and The National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT), which will have to decide on which channels will be allocated to the two prospective multiplexes.

Once the necessary legislation is in place, it is expected that DTT services will be rolled out on a region-by-region basis, as in Germany.

Chris Dziadul  |  10.05.2004

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