DVB introduces 'T2-Lite' profile

DVB has introduced a new profile for its DVB-T2 terrestrial standard for lighter applications such as mobile TV.

The T2-Lite profile is intended to allow simpler receiver implementations for low capacity applications such as mobile broadcasting, although it may also be received by conventional stationary receivers. T2-Lite is based on a limited sub-set of the modes of the T2-base profile, and by avoiding modes which require the most complexity and memory, allows more efficient receiver designs to be used, according to DVB.

According to DVB, one possible use for T2-Lite enables the simulcasting of two different versions of the same service, with different bit-rates and levels of protection, which would allow improved reception in fringe areas.

T2-Lite features in version 1.3.1 of the DVB-T2 specification document.

DTG Staff  |  25.07.2011

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