DVB approves second 3DTV delivery system

The DVB Steering Board has approved the commercial requirements for a second 3DTV delivery system.

Termed 'Service Compatible', the second system enables the 2D and 3D versions of a programme to be broadcast within the same video signal. This means that new 3DTVs and next generation STBS can receive 3D programmes while consumers with existing 2D HDTV receivers and set-top boxes can watch the 2D version.

In February 2011, the DVB Steering Board approved the specification for a first phase 'frame compatible' 3DTV delivery system This system was developed for broadcasters and content deliverers needing a system that works with existing HDTV receivers, provided they are used with a 3D display, and is now being deployed globally.

"Since 2009, the DVB leads the world in working on 3DTV delivery formats. The Frame Compatible system works very well and delivers good quality 3DTV, but there are DVB Members who have other requirements for 3DTV delivery. The DVB exists to serve all its members, and it has therefore examined the options for meeting these extra needs" commented David Wood, Chairman of the DVB Commercial Module for 3DTV.

The Commercial Requirements for a second 3DTV delivery system, termed phase 2a, will shortly be available as a 'BlueBook' on the DVB website.

DTG Staff  |  20.10.2011

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