Ocean Blue wins MHEG-5 deal for Sharp TVs

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Digital television software specialist Ocean Blue has won a contract to integrate its Voyager MHEG-5 software into the next generation of TVs from Sharp. The new Sharp IDTV hardware platform runs on Trident digital decoders and video processor chips, powering their HiDTV Pro LX and SVP WX.

Ocean Blue said the combination of its software and Trident video decoding and processing technology meant the finished Sharp LCDTVs would conform to all DTG 1.06 MHEG test suites and meet the criteria for the UK Digital Tick standards.

"It will also be High Definition-ready and support both 50Hz and 100Hz displays with the latest motion compensation technology for a smooth, judder-free viewing experience," said Ocean Blue. The development project spanned Japan, UK, Taiwan and America.

"We are delighted to have assisted Sharp and Trident on this cross-country LCDTV development project," said Ken Helps, managing director of Ocean Blue Software. "Ocean Blue now supports all the leading chipsets and aims to be involved with the world's top-tier OEMs to help them deliver innovative products, quickly and easily."

Lovelace Consulting  |  04.10.2007

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