DVB-H 'could be as widespread as GSM'

Nokia handset

The DVB-H standard for broadcast mobile television could well become a global standard similar to GSM, according to a new report by consultants Frost & Sullivan. Its report, DVB-H Technology-Market and Potential Analysis, suggests revenues in the DVB-H market totalled $60m in 2006 and are likely to reach $2.04bn in 2010.

"Many participants in the wireless industry support the DVB-H technology as it is an open industry standard, and this non-proprietary feature of the standards is likely to vastly assist its growth in the wireless market," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Nagarajan Sampathkumar.

"Furthermore, DVB-H delivers an improved end-user experience over current video streaming services that utilise cellular networks, while also providing broadcasters, cellular operators, handset manufacturers and silicon providers with tremendous growth opportunities."

The report says one of the biggest challenges to the adoption of DVB-H by mobile operators is the issue of business and revenue models. Another challenge is likely to be optimising battery life of handsets.

Lovelace Consulting  |  17.01.2007

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