DTV sales boom in Australia

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Digital Broadcasting Australia today released figures estimating free to view digital television receiver sales to March 2004 totaled 322,000 units.

Just over 70% of those sales have occurred in the past 9 months.

DBA's managing consultant, Mr Tim O'Keefe, considered there were a number of factors contributing to the sales growth in the March 2004 quarter.

"During the March 04 quarter we saw prices fall for set top boxes and integrated digital televisions, for the first time there is full coverage of metropolitan markets, a new digital-only service commenced in Hobart, Nine promoted its new Nine Sports Active service, the new datacasting service launched in Sydney, digital TV commenced in more regional markets and, of course, sales of widescreen television continued to grow."

He added ... "More stores are successfully selling the widescreen digital TV story - sharper pictures, clearer sound, widescreen and extra channels".

Hugo Martin  |  04.05.2004

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