Mobile TV Applications Group: Handbook and Spectrum

The Mobile TV Applications Group meeting last week was dominated by two topics: the revision of the Group's Mobile TV Applications Handbook and a consideration of spectrum requirements for mobile TV in the UK.

The handbook is in steady demand and it was decided to produce a second edition, revising information about the activities of relevant groups and adding information on case studies and trials that have taken place over the past year. In addition, it is hoped to add a section covering spectrum and regulatory issues.

The 14 channels to be released by switchover are candidates for mobile services but an alternative giving earlier facilities could be implementation using L-band. However, the group considered that a dense network would be required regardless of the system used. Even with Single Frequency Networks, several channels would be required to cater for regional variations. The requirement for receiver adjacent channel performance may be very challenging.

DTG Friday Bulletin  |  18.02.2005

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