Akimbo launches 'download-to-own' option

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Akimbo Systems, inventor of the eponymous US video download service, has launched a "download-to-own" option allowing subscribers to purchase videos using its broadband delivery technology.

Akimbo said the move would enable customers to build up a video archive within the Akimbo Player. Early next year users will be able to purchase titles for burning to DVD using Windows Media Format. Selected titles will also be available for archiving on Akimbo's servers and made available for future downloads by the purchaser.

"Consumers embraced legitimate digital downloads to the benefit of the entertainment industry and to the detriment of the pirates," said Josh Goldman, chief executive officer of Akimbo.

"Download-to-own will be a boon for video, especially with the continued popularity of video-on-demand. That's why Akimbo is the first company to develop a download-to-own feature for a video-on-demand service.

"We're addressing both the enthusiasm of our subscribers and the needs of our content partners."

Meanwhile, fellow US internet protocol television (IPTV) market player DAVE Networks said the beta release of its broadband TV service was now available for download.

Lovelace Consulting  |  23.09.2005

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