MRG raises IPTV growth forecast

California-based Multimedia Research Group (MRG) has raised its forecasts for internet protocol television (IPTV) services. MRG said IPTV services would reach 36.9m subscribers in 2009, up from an estimated 3.7m subscribers in 2005.

Subscriber revenues would grow from $880m in 2005 to $9.9bn by 2009.

"IPTV is continuing to push forward in Asia and Europe, as deployments and trials in Japan, China, and India are really starting to show positive impact," said Bob Larribeau, MRG senior analyst.

"The US RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) are still lagging, due to issues that SBC and BellSouth are facing, waiting for low-cost MPEG-4 set-top boxes and Microsoft's software, and dealing with the complexity of the system integration required. Progress in Europe is making up most of the difference."

In March, MRG said IPTV services would reach 25.3m global subscribers by 2008, up from 1.9m in 2004.

Meanwhile, a new report from Ireland's Research and Markets says the 2008 Olympic Games is likely to boost IPTV in China.

"There is a potentially huge subscriber base for IPTV in China. Analogue TV is very popular in Chinese households in downtown or rural areas. There were over 360m TV users by the end of 2004, and over 100 million cable TV users," said Research and Markets.

"Almost every family has at least one set, and some city households have shown the trend of two or three sets at one home. Additionally, there were over 20m broadband users in China by the end of 2004, where ADSL accounted for about 70% of the pie."

Lovelace Consulting  |  11.10.2005

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