Red Bee is new name for BBC Broadcast

Red Bee logo

BBC Broadcast, the privatised playout and broadcast support specialist acquired in June by Australian investment bank Macquarie, has a new name: Red Bee Media.

Chief executive Pam Masters said the Red Bee name and visual identity reflected its BBC history and breadth of services.

"We wanted to find a simple human expression of what we stand for. We recognised that everything we do across the company is ultimately about stories. All our services bring stories and people together—whether it be a news story on BBC World, subtitling Lost on Channel 4, a promotion on UKTV Food for Ready Steady Cook, delivering last week's episode of Eastenders over broadband on the Interactive Media Player, or the latest football highlights to a 3G mobile.

"We wanted a name that reflected where we have come from. When we were Broadcasting and Presentation we were known as B&P. As BBC Broadcast we have been known as BBCB. So an evolutionary step was to play with the sound 'B'. The spelling as 'Bee' came from an internal brainstorm when we were looking at nature's expert navigators, because as a company facing the digital future we need to help the consumer become equally adept as navigators. We have always used Red as our colour property and this gave added strength to the name."

Red Bee can trace its heritage back to the beginning of BBC Television providing vital playout, channel branding and promotion, and access services for the broadcaster. The former Broadcasting and Presentation BBC department incorporated into a commercial subsidiary, BBC Broadcast, in April 2002.

Lovelace Consulting  |  01.11.2005

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