Pace wins Sky Italia PVR contract

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Set-top box maker Pace Micro Technology has won a contract to supply personal video recorders (PVRs) to Sky Italia. The order—financial terms were not disclosed—is Italy's first PVR for pay-TV. The order comes as News Corporation-owned Sky Italia announced it had exceeded 3.6m subscribers in the first week of 2006.

Pace is supplying a 160Gb hard disk drive PVR, allowing Sky Italia's 'MySKY' subscribers to record up to 60 hours of digital quality programming. The device incorporates integrated twin tuners, which allow one programme to be recorded while watching another, or two programmes to be recorded at the same time while watching a previously recorded programme.

Sky Italia COO Mark Williams said: "PVR is an essential part of our future strategy and will complement our core digital service. Having worked with Pace for our initial service launch we are delighted that our customers will be using Pace technology again for PVR."

Pace European director Sandy Barblett said: "PVR is a 'must have' technology for all payTV operators and, through our experience of PVR launches with companies such as Sky Digital in the UK, Foxtel in Australia and Premiere in Germany, we will be able to provide expert support as Sky Italia begins to transform its customers' viewing experience."

Sky Italia CEO Tom Mockridge said: "Sky is very pleased that now more than 3.6m families in Italy view our channels, and we are gratified by the continuing vote of confidence we are receiving from Italian consumers."

Lovelace Consulting  |  12.01.2006

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