Singapore cable ad boom?

Cable TV advertising in Singapore could be poised to take off as digital services lure new subscribers, according to Phillip Jones, regional director of market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres. As audiences grow, he said, advertisers would follow with their marketing dollars.

Jones said digital cable, launched in Singapore at the end of May, has already proved itself a crowd-pleaser in overseas markets, with subscribers warming quickly to banking or shopping through their digital set-top boxes.

Interactive services such as smart personal video recorders, able to "guesstimate" what the subscriber wants to watch, have helped to drive cable penetration rates to as high as 80% or 90% in some markets, he added.

"If cable penetration rates go up in Singapore, advertisers will follow suit. I think digital cable could be what drives the next wave of cable subscriptions," Jones commented.

In Singapore, cable penetration is around 37% - less than four other Asian markets in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and India - and May's cable advertising spend of $6.5m was dwarfed by that month's $94.1m spent on Singapore's seven free-to-air channels in May.

Lovelacemedia  |  21.07.2004

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