Purnell opens UK digital cinema network

James Purnell MP

In return for the new technology, cinemas will show more specialised, non-blockbuster films including lower budget British movies. Peter Buckingham, head of distribution at the UK FilmCouncil, said: "You can walk into a music store anywhere in the country and buy music from all over the world, from classical to country from reggae to rock.

"Yet film choice outside the major cities has been limited—until now. The Digital Screen Network will change that. Hundreds more cinemas across the UK will be showing a wider selection of films by spring next year. Fifty screens in Yorkshire, the North West and London are already up and running on the Network with cinema-goers enjoying a richer diet of films from all time classic Brief Encounter to Tsotsi—the Oscar winner from South Africa."

Said Purnell: "One of the great strengths of our film industry is its huge variety. But in the past, it's been hard for film fans outside major city centres to see those films at their local cinema.

"That's all changing. Selected cinemas throughout Yorkshire and the North West now have the digital technology to show smaller budget films- so film fans now shouldn't have to travel such huge distances to see them."

Lovelace Consulting  |  03.04.2006

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