Telewest survey suggests confusion over digital

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A survey for UK cable operator Telewest—now part of the ntl-Virgin Mobile empire—suggests widespread confusion over digital television and how to receive it.

The survey of 1,821 adults in February found that 80% of the population thought they already had digital TV when official penetration figures then put the proportion at 66%. At the same time 14.5% of the population (7m people) did not know what they had to do to get digital TV.

Telewest has produced a booklet—Digital TV: Your Guide—advising consumers on switchover and the benefits of going digital. The guide says "more than a third of Brits are worried about going digital because they don't understand what it is". Meanwhile half have not heard about new digital TV services such as high-definition TV and personal video recorders.

Philip Snalune, managing director, consumer products at ntl Telewest, said: "Some consumers risk missing out on great new digital TV services because it's sometimes hard to keep up to speed with new technology. But moving to digital TV is nothing to be afraid of and the benefits it offers can make life so much simpler."

The jargon-busting guide has been welcomed by Digital UK—the industry-backed organisation charged with coordinating switchover. Spokesman Jon Steel said: "We are working closely with providers like Telewest to increase understanding of digital. Basic facts on how to get it and what switchover means need to be communicated very widely to ensure no-one is left without services. Anything that aids our work in doing that is very valuable indeed."

See link right for a free online version of the guide, also available by calling 0800 633 5966.

Lovelace Consulting  |  07.04.2006

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