Philips unveils smaller DVB-H chip for US

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Philips has unveiled its next-generation DVB-H chip for the North American market. Measuring 7mm by 7mm the new chip—called the BGT216—is six times smaller than the previous version.

Philips said the smaller size improved the potential for the chip to be integrated into mobile devices, enabling "handset and other mobile hardware manufacturers to create simpler, sleeker designs which satisfy the current consumer trends towards small, ultra-portable devices".

The consumer electronics giant said it had also responded to the industry issue of power consumption and mobile TV by designing the BGT216 to require low power, maximising battery life and service value for consumers.

Philips Semiconductors' GertJan Kaat, general manager at the mobile business unit, said: "TV-on-mobile is becoming a proven market for our customers across the world, and none more so than in North America.

"Our advanced, second generation TV-on-mobile solution for North America is compatible with previous versions and our Nexperia cellular system solutions for 3G."

Lovelace Consulting  |  10.04.2006

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