DigiTV finally launches on NTL

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The UK Government-backed Digital Interactive TV project has finally gone live on NTL's platform. DigiTV is sponsored by a £2.87m grant from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and assists local authorities wanting to achieve an interactive television presence.

Its starter kit provides councils with the means to go on iTV and provide e-government services to their communities. DigiTV also provides technical back-up and research.

DigiTV has agreed contracts with those UK digital platforms that offer return path services: Sky, Telewest and NTL. Services had already launched on Sky and Telewest, but due to a systems upgrade at NTL they were delayed until now.

DigiTV says it does not plan to launch e-government services on Freeview, the UK's digital terrestrial platform, since there is no return path. However, it said it was "exploring the possibilities".

Lovelacemedia  |  26.07.2004

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