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US television network NBC is to promote its autumn schedule on video-sharing web site YouTube, in an attempt to reach viewers who mostly stay away from their televisions during the summer months.

In a deal that marks the first major partnership between the popular site and a leading media company, NBC will run a dedicated channel on YouTube featuring clips of hit shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the American version of The Office, along with promotional slots for a variety of programmes.

In return for space on YouTube, NBC will advertise the video-sharing site, which receives around 13m unique visitors each month, on its television service.

This latest move, the financial details of which have not been disclosed, marks a U-turn by the network. Several months ago it threatened YouTube with legal action if it did not take down a clip from Saturday Night Live that had been uploaded by a user without permission.

Earlier this year, NBC became the first US television broadcaster to debut the pilot of a primetime series—Conviction from Law & Order creator Dick Wolf—on Apple's iTunes Music Store for free download before its scheduled broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Warner Bros studio has followed up its recent plan to distribute content via BitTorrent, the file-sharing web site, by announcing that it is to 'rent out' television shows and movies through Guba, the web video company. Customers will be able to 'borrow' programming for a 24-hour period for prices starting at $1.99.

Lovelace Consulting  |  30.06.2006

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