Half of Border organisations yet to prepare for switch

Research for the DTI by pollster Ipsos MORI suggests half of public and private sector organisations and businesses in the Border television region have not yet begun preparing for digital switchover in 2008.

Ipsos MORI conducted telephone interviews in February and March this year, ahead of the major switchover PR drive which coincided with the FIFA World Cup launch.

"Overall, 72% were aware of the digital switchover date in the Borders, 28% were not. This is broadly comparable to the level of awareness among the general public in this region," said the report, Readiness for Digital Switchover.

Of those organisations that had not yet started preparing or drawing up firm plans for the switchover, a quarter felt there was 'plenty of time'; a further fifth said 'the decision would be taken elsewhere'. The majority said they were confident they will be ready in time, although a third was unsure.

The hospital sector was the one with the most work to do. "Despite high awareness of the switchover date, the near universal importance attached to TV services and the impact of losing the TV service being viewed as serious, over 60% of those who still have analogue TVs have not yet made any plans for the switchover," said the report. "The most common reason given was that they are waiting for a decision, or budget, from elsewhere."

Lovelace Consulting  |  06.07.2006

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