Cable group ntl unveils quad-play pricing

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The cable group—formed from the $6bn merger of ntl and Telewest last year—said its package was "superior to Freeview, enabling all subscribers access to advanced next generation services including some that even Sky can't match, like video-on-demand", and described the launch as the "most significant market development since digital terrestrial".

Ntl:Telewest CEO Steve Burch said: "The quad play product will be the first time we've combined a Virgin-branded service with ntl:Telewest products: no other company has the capability to provide such total flexibility for the consumer. These offers show that as a combined company we're putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do.

"Our free TV offer is also hugely significant. Why pay upfront for a Freeview box without access to the most advanced TV features, when with us you'll pay nothing upfront and get access to it all?

"In this quarter, we'll be introducing a vast array of new offers. Our intention is to provide consumers with genuine flexibility and choice, at knock-out value: unlike our competitors, whose offers are focused on driving take-up of a particular service, we're going to let the consumer decide what combination of products they want. We're confident that the variety and flexibility of our consumer offers will put us in a strong position versus our competitors."

Ntl:Telewest provides communications and entertainment services to more than 5m residential customers. Its networks pass more than 12m homes—50% of UK households—and 85% of UK businesses.

Lovelace Consulting  |  26.07.2006

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