Mobile TV users to reach 446m by 2011

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Almost half a billion people will be using their mobile phones to watch TV within the next five years, claims new research from business intelligence group IMS Research.

According to the company's latest report—its second on the mobile television marketplace—the adoption of broadcast services such as Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) will ensure that mobile digital TV will experience a year-on-year growth through 2010, leading to around 446m people watching television via their phone handsets by the end of 2011.

The forecast is based on an IMS study entitled Mobile TV—A Complete Analysis of the Global Market, and it predicts that mobile television over the cellular data network should experience strong growth and build on its early lead in the marketplace.

However, IMS goes on to suggest that from near the beginning of 2010, subscriptions for cellular network-based mobile TV will be superceded in terms of speed of growth by services via digital broadcast. And at around the same time, more than half of the mobile television subscribers in the world will already be receiving video by way of a mobile digital broadcast service.

One of the IMS report's authors, Stephen Froehlich, said: "Given the right conditions, mobile TV has the potential to spread from one customer to the next like few technologies before it."

He continued: "If providers effectively supply compelling content, quality reception and affordable, attractive phones, then every new mobile television subscriber can become a mobile TV evangelist.

"However, to make their customers into product evangelists, mobile TV service providers and their partners must invest enough in infrastructure and technology to enable both wide population coverage and good indoor reception."

Lovelace Consulting  |  15.08.2006

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