MobiTV declares support for WiMAX

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MobiTV, a leading provider of television and digital radio services for cellular, WiFi and broadband-enabled services, has announced its official support for the WiMAX wireless technology standard.

The US-headquartered company says it is committed to deploying advanced mobile TV and media delivery standards over WiMAX networks, having invested heavily in research and technology development to support the latest wireless network standards.

MobiTV—which reaches more than 1m paying subscribers with its mobile television services—has been developing the support for the new 802.16 standards for many quarters, in partnership with a number of the wireless and technology industries' most influential players.

WiMAX is the latest extension to the company's portfolio of supported network technologies, with features designed to support all key components that make mobile TV viable to consumers and carriers alike. Key features and benefits include:

  • Smooth integration with, and natural extension to, existing service infrastructure.
  • Superior data delivery performance for full-motion video, due to advanced IP-based architecture.
  • Full interactivity, including m-commerce, voting and other capabilities wanted by consumers, carriers and the advertising community.
  • Increased channel change speed.
  • Broad client device support, including mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, set-top boxes and more.
  • Broad industry support and open-standards-based.

Phillip Alvelda, CEO and co-founder for MobiTV, said: "WiMAX is one of the most promising new wireless technologies to emerge over the last several years. We are working hard to integrate it with a broad range of emerging video and television technologies, both wired and wireless".

He added: "As we have said in the past, the consumer market is looking for a compelling video-user experience, and has to be simple and accessible with a seamless blending of technologies that hide all of the network integration complexity in a cost-effective manner".

Lovelace Consulting  |  15.08.2006

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