Akimbo signs licensing deal to expand reach

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Online media content provider Akimbo Systems has announced a marketing and licensing partnership with digital media software specialist Sonic Solutions in order to significantly expand the audience reach of the Akimbo Service.

The award-winning video-on-demand offering will be integrated with Sonic's Roxio Venue application to provide service access for the first time to a broad base of PC users, letting them easily browse, purchase, manage and view Akimbo's growing selection of more than 14,000 programmes from over 200 content providers.

Akimbo also plans to incorporate Sonic AuthorScript DVD-on-Demand technology so that participating content partners can enable consumers to record downloaded entertainment to DVD.

Under the agreement with Sonic, Akimbo will distribute Roxio Venue with the Akimbo Service directly to consumers and also through Akimbo's service provider partners, including internet service providers and telecommunications companies.

And Sonic will include Akimbo as a premier service provider in the retail version of Roxio Venue, which will offer consumers a gateway to a diverse library of video entertainment from a variety of vendors.

Joshua Goldman, CEO of Akimbo Systems, said: "This collaboration with Sonic increases Akimbo's potential subscriber base by millions and offers new benefits for our content partners. Subscribers will now have an entirely new way to enjoy the Akimbo Service's unrivalled selection of distinct, ground-breaking entertainment wherever they use their PCs or laptop computers".

Sonic Solutions' executive VP of corporate strategy, Mark Ely, added: "We are delighted to work with Akimbo, a company that has helped pioneer new channels for the distribution and consumption of digital entertainment. We will continue to work with entertainment thought-leaders and deliver the necessary infrastructure, tools and technologies to enable solutions that provide consumers more convenient access to a wider range of digital entertainment".

Lovelace Consulting  |  18.08.2006

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