HDTV take-up continues to rise, says In-Stat

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The number of households watching high-definition television (HDTV) programming is rising rapidly and will continue to do so for years, according to a new report from market research company In-Stat.

The technology specialist's new data predicts that the worldwide number of HDTV homes will rise from 15m in mid-2006 to 20.3m by the end of this year. However, the growth will occur in only a few countries because many nations still lack HDTV.

But the global figure is nevertheless expected to spike over the next few years as new markets for high-definition services open up, particularly in Europe. In-Stat forecasts that by the end of 2009 the worldwide number of HDTV households will exceed 55m.

In-Stat's study—entitled HDTV Service Expands: Over 15 Million Households Now Watch High-Def TV -states that consumer demand to see the summer's Fifa World Cup in a high-definition format served as a catalyst for the start of HDTV services in several European countries. Sales of HD sets reportedly soared in the run-up to the tournament.

America and Japan currently account for 91% of all worldwide HDTV households, while other countries with significant numbers include Canada, Australia, and South Korea. Several other nations launched HDTV services this year.

In the US, there is still a 'disconnect' between HD services and the penetration of HDTV sets. Presently, only one-third of American households with HD-capable TV sets are actually using them to watch high-definition programming.

Lovelace Consulting  |  21.08.2006

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