Harmonic acquires VOD software specialist


US digital video and broadband networking specialist Harmonic has announced the $45m acquisition of the video-networking software business of Entone Technologies, a privately-held company based in San Mateo, California.

Entone's software—which is targeted at internet protocol television (IPTV) and encompasses content ingest, distributed content management and video streaming—facilitates the provision of personalised video services including video-on-demand (VOD), network digital TV recording, time-shifted television, and targeted advertisement insertion.

By combining Harmonic's video head-end and edge-and-access network solutions with Entone's on-demand software, Harmonic will be able to provide cable, satellite and telco/IPTV service providers with an advanced and integrated delivery system for the next generation of both broadcast and personalised internet protocol-delivered video services.

The president and CEO of Harmonic, Patrick Harshman, said: "Our industry is in the midst of an exciting and fundamental transformation to an increasingly on-demand video experience".

He continued: "By bringing together Harmonic's market-leading encoding and stream-processing products with Entone's innovative software suite for managing and streaming personalised video content, we will create a powerful and integrated solution for the emerging on-demand network".

Steve McKay, CEO of Entone, added: "Harmonic is an excellent fit for Entone both in terms of the customers we serve and the synergy of our respective product lines. Entone is the world's most deployed IPTV VOD solution provider, with over 35 deployments, including PCCW, the largest IPTV operator.

McKay went on to say: "The integration of our software suite, which operates on standardised hardware platforms, and Harmonic's well-established on-demand solutions will provide an even more compelling solution for operators of all types seeking to deploy VOD, network digital TV recording and time-shifted TV services".

Lovelace Consulting  |  25.08.2006

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