Bonanza predicted for on-demand providers

Ashley Highfield

BBC future media chief Ashley Highfield has predicted that commercial broadcasters could be generating a third of their turnover by 2009 from their programming archives.

Highfield—who last week announced the BBC planned to offer licence fee-payers access to around 1.2m hours of video and programme clips online—told the Edinburgh Television Festival at the weekend that on-demand technologies would allow broadcasters to exploit the "long tail" of niche and specialist programmes they had in their digital vaults.

By 2009 niche and specialist programmes could take up to 25% of all television consumption and generate 33% of commercial broadcasters' revenues, said Highfield.

At Edinburgh, Channel 4 was named terrestrial channel of the year and BBC Four took the non-terrestrial channel of the year award.

Charles Allen, outgoing CEO at ITV, called in his MacTaggart Lecture for the privatisation of Channel 4 and a shake-up of the television production industry, while ITV's director of television, Simon Shaps, admitted ITV needed to improve its programming performance.

Lovelace Consulting  |  29.08.2006

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