Sharp and Sony step-up LCD competition

Consumer electronics giants Sharp and Sony have unveiled a range of new liquid crystal display (LCD) TV sets in time for the all-important pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Sharp—which is fighting to regain its LCD market leading position—is to offer two versions each of its new Aquos brand at 52-inches, 46-inches and 42-inches.

Sony said it would launch nine new LCD models in Japan including a 52-inch set.

According to flat-screen market research group DisplaySearch, LCD TV unit shipments jumped 135% in the year to end of June to a record 9.4m units, accounting for 22% of the worldwide TV market.

On a unit basis, Philips led the LCD market at the end of the second quarter with a 13.5% share, ahead of Samsung (13.1%), Sharp (11.8%), Sony (11.7%), LGE (7.7%) and all other makers combined taking 42.4%.

On a revenue basis, Sony led with a 16% market share, ahead of Samsung (15.4%), Philips (11%), Sharp (10.8%), LGE (7.8%) and others taking 39%.

Lovelace Consulting  |  04.09.2006

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