China adopts home-grown DTV standard


China, the world's biggest television market with more than 400m TV sets, is adopting a home-grown standard for digital terrestrial television from August 1, 2007.

China's Standardisation Administration (SAC) said the standard, known as DMB-T (Digital Media Broadcasting Terrestrial) or GB 20600-2006 and currently being trialled in some cities, will become the mandatory broadcast signal for broadcasters from that date. (Despite the similar acronym DMB-T is completely different to the South Korean broadcast technology.)

The standard combines two broadcast standards developed by Beijing's Tsinghua University and Shanghai's Jiaotong University.

China began its switchover from analogue earlier this year, when the government said it would introduce digital television to areas across the nation. There is some urgency for a change to digital as the country prepares to host the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Lovelace Consulting  |  11.09.2006

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