Red Bee shows prototype IPTV ad

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Red Bee Media has demonstrated a prototype interactive ad for internet protocol television (IPTV). Based on Red Bee's i-ad for Boots, the IPTV ad goes a step further in allowing viewers to purchase items rather than just receive a shopping list via text message, and having to visit a physical store.

Red Bee commercial director John Pink said: "Interactive TV enables advertisers to communicate a more complex and targeted message to viewers. However, in the past functionality has been limited due to bandwidth costs and technical constraints.

"IPTV enables a powerful, media rich experience mixed with in-depth interactivity that is traditionally associated with the web. This provides advertisers with new opportunities to communicate with viewers."

Meanwhile, Red Bee has appointed an advisory board to contribute to its global expansion into new markets in Europe, Asia and the US.

Chaired by Janice Hughes of Spectrum Strategy Consultants in London, the other members are German media entrepreneur Christiane zu Salm and Darren Shaw from the Shaw Group in Hong Kong.

Lovelace Consulting  |  11.09.2006

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