Ennals calls for phasing out of analogue sets

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Digital UK chief executive Ford Ennals has called on TV manufacturers to phase out analogue television production after latest research from GfK showed retailers are still selling more analogue TVs than digital TVs.

Ennals, who is coordinating the Government's 2008-2012 switchover timetable, told the Financial Times that the analogue sales supremacy was "not helpful to switchover".

The FT said just 36% of TVs sold in July had digital receivers. Ennals expects that figure to rise to 70% next year, but wants manufacturers and retailers to phase out all analogue television sales voluntarily.

Sony—which announced last December that analogue sales would be phased out in 2006—echoed Ennals' appeal.

Earlier this summer Digital UK released research showing awareness of digital switchover was rising, with 66% of the population in the three months to June saying they had heard about the switchover process. Awareness was highest in the Border region, where switchover begins in Whitehaven in the autumn of 2007 with most of the region due to be converted in 2008.

Lovelace Consulting  |  18.09.2006

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