US TV viewing still rising, says Nielsen

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Television viewing in the US is still rising, despite growing competition from internet video. That's the finding of Nielsen Media Research. Latest data shows the average time households watched TV in the 2005-2006 season was eight hours 14 minutes each day, up three minutes on the year and reaching a new record.

Individual viewers watched TV for four hours and 35 minutes per day, again up three minutes on the year, and another new high. Primetime viewing rose one minute for households to one hour and 54 minutes per evening, while individual viewer primetime consumption was flat at one hour and 11 minutes.

Teenagers aged 12 to 17—the iPod, MySpace and YouTube generation—watched 3% more traditional TV during the day. Girls increased total day viewing by 6%.

"These results demonstrate that television still holds its position as the most popular entertainment platform," said Patricia McDonough, senior vice-president of planning policy and analysis at Nielsen Media Research.

"At this point, consumption of emerging forms of entertainment, including internet television and video on personal devices seem not to be making an impact on traditional television viewing. This is especially true among teenage girls, who have shown significant increases in viewing during the past year."

Lovelace Consulting  |  25.09.2006

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