Ntl launches 'quadplay' for £40 per month

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Converged communications provider ntl has launched its much-heralded 'quadruple-play' with the promise it could save householders taking separate digital TV, broadband, fixed and mobile telephony services hundreds of pounds a year.

Ntl's quadplay bundles all four services for £40 per month. Ntl said the annual £480 subscription compared with an alternative separate services annual bill of £912, based on Sky (at £15 per month for the Sky 2-pack), broadband (AOL Gold at £24.99 a month); fixed telephony (BT Option 1 at £11 a month) and mobile telephony (Vodafone's pay monthly at £25).

Ntl—which will rebrand itself using the Virgin name during 2007—said the quadplay bundle included:

  • Over 30 digital TV channels including Sky One, UKTV Gold, E4, Film4, ITV2 and LIVINGtv, "with on-demand access to a huge library of programmes and films"
  • Broadband at up to 2 Mbps with no download limits, with a firewall and anti-virus software included, and installed by an expert
  • Home phone with unlimited weekend calls to any UK landline
  • A Virgin Mobile SIM, 300 texts and 300 minutes a month, plus free voicemail.

Ntl said the mobile element of the new bundle was available to any new or existing cable customer for £10 a month, "increasing the flexibility of the company's packages even further".

Neil Berkett, ntl's chief operating officer, said: "Quadplay demonstrates the unique power of the cable-Virgin Mobile union and this is just the beginning. Our new package represents unbeatable value while meeting a wide range of consumers' entertainment and communication needs.

"It's more than just another cut-price offer, because it also equips customers for the infinite possibilities presented as these different technologies increasingly interact."

Lovelace Consulting  |  28.09.2006

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