Intel integrates Viiv with DirecTV

Intel Viiv logo

Chip-maker Intel is to integrate its Viiv multimedia technology with US satellite broadcaster DirecTV's set-top box. Intel said the integrated digital media adapter (DMA) would allow DirecTV subscribers to access audio-visual content on their Viiv PCs via their TVs.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco that the DMA would be integrated with DirecTV's new high-definition TV set-top box, which incorporates a digital TV recorder (otherwise known as digital video recorder, or DVR) capable of recording up to 200 hours of standard definition TV or 50 hours of MPEG-4 HD content.

"With a simple software download, DirecTV Plus HD DVR customers nationwide can enjoy on their TV favourite photos and music albums that have been tucked away on their PCs," said Kevin Corbett, vice president of Intel's Digital Home Group and general manager of the company's Content Services Group.

"Having the nation's leading satellite television service provider with a 15m and growing customer base introduce the world's first Intel Viiv technology-verified set-top box is a significant milestone, accelerating the number of connected digital homes."

Lovelace Consulting  |  29.09.2006

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