Finland urges single mobile TV standard


Finland is urging European partners to agree a single European standard for mobile broadcast TV, echoing a call earlier this year from European telecommunications commissioner Viviane Reding. Finnish communications minister Susanna Huovinen said a common standard would help "develop the European information society".

Mobile industry leaders and policy-makers meeting in Helsinki last week heard Nokia chief Jorma Ollila say Europe had a "few months' leadership" over rivals in Asia and the US. "We need rapid deployment of mobile TV in Europe," he stressed.

A single, Europe-wide standard could have to wait for analogue switch-off to be completed in 2012, but short-term solutions are being worked on, including use of the 'L Band' portion of the radio spectrum.

In March Reding called on member states to allocate spectrum for mobile television services, saying Europe could not wait until analogue switch-off to begin talking about a coordinated spectrum policy for mobile TV.

"In a global world, Europe has to move at the rate of our fastest competitor not our slowest member," said Reding. "This will not be easy. But this is urgent, if we want mobile TV to be based on European technologies and content."

Lovelace Consulting  |  02.10.2006

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